Thursday, September 10, 2009

“Whistle”; Sporto Kantès

I’d like to post this song tomorrow, because it’s friday and friday is the right day to relax and see cool videos before we’re out. But tomorrow isn’t another friday and I believe I have a better one to put here.

Anyway, any day and any hour is time to relax, to listen cool whistling songs and go to sleep with it on our mind! And if you caught the spirit, I give to you... Sporto Kantès!

What a weeeeeird name for a band, huh? Not a band, a duo. This Drum & Bass french duo formed by Benjamin Sportes and Nicolas Kantorovwicz took each one his surnames and exchanged their last parts.

They have been together since 90’s when the Europe was invaded by a eletronic wave. His biggest hit is this which they whistle, which had already been used in a Renault Twingo commercial.

I think the song was composed all around the whistle, just see its name. But as what I think shouldn’t worth too much (or anything) I’m still looking for infos.

Just an advice: I couldn’t upload the entire song, I don’t know what is happening, I just can’t. If anyone can upload it in I’d appreciate it too much! See ya!

When I got whistle
When I got whistle
When the weather colored bee

You can't describe
What's in your mind
Your love is sweet
But you'r not mine
I can't denied what I can't see
You'r just the one
Who cares for me
But I wanna be... free

When I got whistle
When I got whistle
When the weather colored bee


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