Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ricota; Ultraje a Rigor

Ultraje a Rigor is a Brazilian hard rock group. This band is one of the most famous of the old ones which are consecrated now.

The today's song was first released on the 1989 album "Crescendo".

"Ricota" means in Portuguese what it means in English (and Italian and French and Deustch...) and the lyrics is all about recipes (some of them are weird combinations) we can do with this cheese. The song was written by Scandurra and as we can read on the band's website, the singer Roger is the owner of the whistling. :D

Sanduíche de ricota
Panetone de ricota
Esfiha de ricota
Canelone de ricota (Hmmm...!)

Sorvete de ricota
Feijoada de ricota
Strogonoff de ricota
Limonada de ricota (Hmmm...!)

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