Saturday, July 31, 2010

Musuu No Taiyo; LSD March

Yesterday I was dreaming about create a rock band and went to share my dreaminess with a friend. He understand a lot about music, but — he told me yesterday — doesn’t play any musical instrument. Neither do I. So he asked me if our sound could be more nonsense, something purposely bad. I enquired him if there was in fact this kind of style and he showed me the MySpace of LSD March, this Japanese psychedelic rock group.

He also showed the Flaming Lips, but let’s talk about FL later.

The first song I clicked to listen was “Musuu No Taiyo”, but couldn’t hear it till the end because my friend told me to listen to “stone”. “Stone” sounds like a Buddhist mantra, nothing like a Brazilian rock band should play. So I went back to “Musuu No Taiyo” and I heard it entirely. To my surprise the lead singer and guitarist Shinsuke Michishita whistled! And the song is here!

And my psychedelic rock band still remains in my dreams. ^^

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