Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Black Stick; Cruel Sea

The Cruel Sea are an Australian indie rock band from Sydney formed in late 1987. Originally an instrumental only band, it became best known when it was fronted by the prolific vocalist Tex Perkins (also a member of The Beasts of Bourbon and a solo artist) in addition to Jim Elliott (drums), Dan Rumour (guitar) and Ken Gormley (bass). Other musicians who have been in the band include guitarists Gerard Corben and James Cruikshank; plus Dee Corben and Barry Turnbull on bass. Popular albums include This Is Not The Way Home (1991), The Honeymoon Is Over (1993), and the successful Three Legged Dog (1995). Their best-known songs include "Better Get a Lawyer", "Takin' All Day", "The Honeymoon is Over" and "Reckless Eyeballin'" - an instrumental track from their debut album Down Below that would become the theme song of Australian police drama Blue Heelers.¹

I found nothing about the song... :(

My heart is a muscle
It pumps blood like a big old black steam train
My veins are the tracks
The city is my brain
My stomach is the ocean
It swallows up the sun at the end of a summers day
My breathes like a breeze
It blows all those storm clouds away

My head is the city
It house all the thoughts and secrets that I have
And the mayor of the city
Thinks the citizens ain’t half bad
My arms could be weapons
Or instruments of love
My legs are sky scrapers
They tower above you

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