Friday, July 23, 2010

O Vento; Gal Costa

Gal Costa is a Brazilian Tropicália and MPB singer. She started her musical career singing the songs written by Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, husbands of her two friends, in the beginning of Tropicália movement. Costa’s voice is at same time melodic and powerful, can reach delicious high pitches and be very technical.

Because her beautiful voice and attitude, at 80s she was labeled the First Lady of MPB. In the late 80s Gal Costa obtained her consecration by audiences and critics, but despite all the expectations, she withdrew from the limelight for the whole year of 1986.

1987 was the year of her great return with the album “Lua de Mel como o Diabo Gosta”, which was criticized because was too romantic, but points her broad technical field and her new directions in music.

“O Vento” — a song composed by Djavan and Ronaldo Bastos — was released in this album. The acoustic guitar and the whistling was done by the musician Djavan, another great name of MPB and Costa’s friend. The song is a request to the wind to bring news of a love that is far away or take the requester to his overseas brunette. Or, ultimately, teach him to play the flute of Pan. The whistling means the melody played in the god's flute.

Acknowledgments to Jeocaz Lee-Meddi who wrote this article about Gal Costa.

Minha mulher, minha irmã
Minha cara metade
Da carne maçã, maçã
Minha costela-de-Adão
Meu pé de romã, romã
Vento que bate na porta
Trazendo notícias
Que tem de alguém
Vento que entorna a manhã
Do meu bem
Me leva, me leva
Bate suas asas
Voa sobre as casas
faz o dia delirar
Traz minha morena do além-mar
Minha irmã, meu irmão
Quem tem ouro na pele
Da alma pagã, pagã
Vento me ensina a tocar
A flauta de Pã, de Pã

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