Monday, March 15, 2010

Jimmy Jazz; The Clash

The Clash! My favorite punk rock band ever! I’m not too much in the punk – I admit I really enjoy only the most famous, like Ramones, Sex Pistols, Green Day (haha! :P), but The Clash eat my brain. The way they mixed rhythms, like reggae and rockabilly, in ther music and diversified themselves, unlike Ramones, for instance, which every song was always similar with the others.

This song, Jimmy Jazz, is on the most famous The Clash’s album, “London Calling”, 1979, “the last year of the punk rock” – which gave way to hardcore. “London Calling” is one of the most prizewinning albums of punk, appearing in the list “Definitive 200 Albums of Rock Hall of Fame”, also being considered the 8th in the list of “500 Greatest Albums of All Time” made by Rolling Stone magazine, and even the cover artwork, the so famous photo of Simonon smashing his Fender P Bass, was considered the best rock'n'roll photograph of all time by the Q magazine in 2002.

This cover refers to the cover of Elvis Presley’s first album and, believe it, both King’s debut album and “London Calling” has a song with whistling! The Elvis one you can check here. Coincidence?

“Jimmy Jazz”, despite the “jazz” in its name, has a beat more focused on ska and reggae than the style which calls the song’s protagonist. The lyrics of “Jimmy Jazz” encourages resistance to the police and criticized its violence.

The police walked in for Jimmy Jazz
I said, he ain't here, but he sure went past
Oh, you're looking for Jimmy Jazz

Sattamassagana for Jimmy Dread
Cut off his ears and chop off his head
Police came looking for Jimmy Jazz

So if you're gonna take a message 'cross this town
Maybe put it down somewhere over the other side
See it gets to Jimmy Jazz

Don't you bother me, not anymore
I can't take this tale, oh, no more
It's all around, Jimmy Jazz

J-a-zee zee J-a-zed zed
J-a-zed zed Jimmy Jazz
And then it sucks, he said, suck that!
So go look all around, you can try your luck, brother
ANd see what you found
But I guarantee that it ain't your day
Chop! Chop!

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