Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Joãozinho; Vanessa da Mata

Vanessa da Mata is a Brazilian MPB singer born in 1976, Mato Grosso, who had already won a Latin Grammy Award.

Vanessa's discography has four studio albums, one better than the other. The second album, "Essa Boneca Tem Manual" (This Doll Has Handbook), was released in 2004 and there is one song in there which has whistlings!

The song with whistlings is "Joãozinho". The story behind it is that Vanessa has an aunt called Rita who had the "Joãzinho style" (which I don't know how to translate) didn't like her curly hair and she straightened it. It is an hommage to her aunt Rita.*

Moça de joãozinho no cabelo
Faz de conta no espelho
Faz de conta no espelho
Abre a porta e vai para o asfalto
Lisa a ponta do cabelo
Alisa a ponta do cabelo

Corre quando começa a chover
Olha só vai enrolar
O cabelo encolher

Vem ver Maria
Vem ver Maria
Vem ver Maria
Vem ver Maria
De joãozinho

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