Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vanilla Sky; Paul McCartney

Today’s song was specially composed for the movie with the same name. And what I am posting here is from Songfacts.com.

When Cameron Crowe asked McCartney to do a song for the movie, Paul at first suggested "From A Lover To A Friend" from his recent album Driving Rain. McCartney won a Golden Globe for this song. The lyrics were inspired by a waiter who brought a dish to McCartney's table that he hadn't ordered. This was included on McCartney's 2002 live album Back In The US, which was recorded on his 2001-2002 tour.

The chef prepares a special menu
for your delight oh my
Tonight you fly so high up
in the vanilla sky

Your life is fine
It's sweet and sour
unbearable or great
You gotta love every hour
you must appreciate

This is your time
this is your day
You've got it all...
don't blow it away

melted tea leaves cast your fortune
in a glass of wine
snail or fish
balloon or dolphin
see the silver shine

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