Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dry Freezing Tongue; Mallu Magalhães

Mallu Magalhães became famous by MySpace. When she did 15, she asked to her parents money instead gifts to record some of her own songs. MTV Brasil paid attention on Mallu music style (her influences are bands like The Beatles, Belle and Sebastian, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash) and invited her to participate in a global project called “Sessões MTV”. Thenceforward, she is “taking over the world”!

Becoming famous, Mallu met Marcelo Camelo. She and him played and sung together in some concerts, spent time touring around the country, released one song together... Sure enough, sooner or later, they felt in love and started to date. =)

This song tells about her tactless with boys*. She is also unskilful with the English language. Despite she can write songs in English good enough, her accent is awkward and funny. Don’t you think so?

I wanna call you and suddenly hang up the phone
Just to feel those brave winds inside me going on
And that’s all I need and you’re just calling back
My rusty fingers scratch my weak falling neck

Look how easy I am, am I just a cheap one?
That you can have your secret song just whispering on the phone

And that’s all I need, that’s my floor and stairs
That’s my blood in tracks, that’s my water and air

So, pass the time we are waiting
Here goes the life I am playing

Here goes another secret song,
That’s me playing my dry freezing tongue,
Here goes another boy I keep
And here goes another job I quit.

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