Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Doce Solidão; Marcelo Camelo

After the members of Los Hermanos decided to take a break and confirmed the hiatus, the singer Marcelo Camelo started his solo carreer and released his first solo album in 2008, naming it “Sou”. The cover of the album has a play with the words “sou” and “nós” — one meaning the other if read upside down — which means, respectively, “[I] am” and “we”.

“Sou” was attended by artists like the singers Dominguinhos and Mallu Magalhães. The whistled track is sung only by Camelo, it’s so soothing and sticky that I can hear it for hours...

Posso estar só
Mas, sou de todo mundo
Por eu ser só um
Ah, nem! Ah, não! Ah, nem dá!
Solidão, foge que eu te encontro
Que eu já tenho asa
Isso lá é bom, doce solidão?

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