Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Coke Hard Times; The Simpsons

Last Sunday was the Super Bowl. New Orleans Saints versus Indianapolis Colts. Saints won. For those who don't know, Super Bowl is the National Football League final game. It is the most important sporting event in North America at all. It is like the Brazilian Championship Soccer final match, if there was one...

Well, 'cause the Super Bowl is the most watched TV program in US, the ads on its commercial breaks are the most expensive of all, where one minute can cost 3 million dollars! What makes the commercial breaks an apart spectacle, in which the best, the richest, the most famous trademarks in the world introduce their products to the average consumer.

One of them, of course, is the Coca-Cola Company. This year, Coca-Cola hired the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy to make two ads especially for the Super Bowl's breaks. One of them is here, of course, because there are whistlings on it. It's a Simpsons animation called "Hard Times".

According Coca-Cola website: "'Hard Times' features a variety of characters from the FOX television show THE SIMPSONS, most notably greedy billionaire C. Montgomery Burns, who has fallen on difficult times. Just when all hope seems to be lost, Mr. Burns learns to appreciate life's simple pleasures as he joins other characters enjoying Coca-Cola and Opening Happiness in a neighborhood park."

I searched on the ad if there was one Simpsons' character whistling along the scene, but I didn't find. So, I can only figure out who is the whistler... I bet on Homer! What do you think?!

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