Friday, November 27, 2009

Twisted Nerve; Bernard Herrmann

Yesterday I mentioned “Twisted Nerve”, so today I’ll talk about it.

On the contrary to what many people think, this song is not from the Kill Bill movie, where it became world famous, at least among the young generation. “Twisted Nerve” was created by Bernard Herrmann for the film of the same name directed by Roy Boulting in 1968. The melody of the whistling in question is the main theme in the Boulting’s film. I haven't watched any of both films, so I think the “whistling scene” is only one in each film. If there are more, please tell me.

Being a little spoiler, I’ll post what I found on the subject here:

having the crazy guy whistle the theme while he stalks women is an awesome bit (…) that, along with Bernard Herrmann’s constant variations on that theme all throughout the movie’s score, ensure that it’s the single most catching melody of all time.

And I am leaving here a picture of our dear Herrmann doing a poker face:
See you tomorrow!


  1. This song is MUCH older than 1968. It shows up in some Bugs Bunny cartoons made in the 1940's

    1. Anyone can make up these kinds of statements without any evidence to back up their claims.

      Show proof or stop making these absurd comments.