Tuesday, September 21, 2010

For a Few Dollars More; Ennio Morricone

I hardly could wait to see Kick-Ass in the movie theaters. The whole first semester was about to expect for the film’s debut. The story of common people who turn themselves into superheroes without super powers, super guns and responsability written by Mark Millar is awesome! So last month, in an afternoon, I went to the mall just to watch it. The film was great! It surpassed my expectations! So good it is, I saw it two more times.

But... you may ask me: what are you talking about? I’m getting there. “Kick-Ass” has one scene where Hit-Girl go alone to kill the bad guys and this song is played. I hadn’t heard it until then (really!), but I knew it was a Ennio Morricone’s composition.

And I was right! This song was composed by Morricone in 1965 for the Sergio Leone’s spaghetti western film called “For a Few Dollars More” (or “Per qualche dollaro in più” in Italian). “For a Few Dollars More” is the first film of “Dollars Trilogy”, which gave to Clint Eastwood international fame.

The older people and the vintage ones certainly will want to kill me but I’d prefer to put here the Kick-Ass scene with the song instead the original trailer. :P

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