Sunday, August 26, 2012

Versus; Ladytron

A review from the website Music by Day:

“Versus” is an honest-to-goodness duet, and the male vocalist is far from clamoring just to be heard, believe you me. Its lyrics are full of charming wordplay and its performance is cleverly phrased. The male vocals are supplied by none other than founding band member Daniel Hunt, whose velvety baritone serves as a perfect counterpoint for Marnie’s airy register. What sound like horns pipe in here and there, and there’s even some more whistling too. It’s hard not to get caught up in it. Considering everything that had come before it, you really don’t expect this song, and that’s partially what makes hearing it the first time so memorable. We’re undoubtedly left wanting more.

Distance versus time,
cutting verses down to size.
Focus versus tears versus
"How did I get here's"
versus curses in your eyes
Force of nature versus range,
nature versus what is strange
"There's a fire starting here"
versus "There's nothing to fear"
versus lonely versus safe
Like a kitten versus rain
A cathedral versus love versus shame
Free versus hard to see
versus, versus, versus me versus me


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