Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Zazie dans le Métro; Fiorenzo Carpi and André Pontin

Looking for others whistling songs made by films, I found this article written by Terry Bigham on TopTenz.net containing, of course, ten songs that were created specially by their films or TV series. “Zazie dans le Métro” song is Bigham’s #3. He said: “I adore the carefree Gallic charm of that whistled theme, with its soupcon of sorrow at the brevity of childhood.

This Franco-Italian film is a comedy directed by Louis Malle released in 1960, based on the novel by Raymond Queneau. In IMDb there is a concise review written by Claudio Carvalho which I’m posting here:

When the mother of Zazie (Catherine Demongeot) comes to Paris to meet her lover, she leaves her daughter with her uncle Gabriel (Philippe Noiret). However the reckless and uncontrollable nephew leaves Gabriel’s apartment and decides to visit Paris by subway. However the employees are on strike and the runaway girl gets Gabriel into trouble in a chaotic Paris.

I couldn’t find who is the whistler, so I am assigning the authorship of this song to the music producers Fiorenzo Carpi and André Pontin.