Sunday, May 16, 2010

If Love Is a Red Dress (Hang Me in Rags); Maria McKee

My heart is empty.
Your eyes are dull.
Once we were hungry,
Now we are full.
These chains that bind us,
Can't beat these chains.
If love is shelter,
I'm gonna walk in the rain.

You were my angel.
Now, you are real.
So like a stranger,
Colder than steel.
The morning after,
You know what you bring.
If love is a red dress,
Well, hang me in rags.

There goes the fairy tale.
Lord, ain't it a shame?
In all this comfort,
I can't take the strain.

If we played even,
I'd be your queen.
But someone was cheatin'.
And it wasn't me.
I've laid it on the table,
You had something back.
If love is Aces,
Give me the Jack.


  1. Hello Mister! My name is Jaume. Congratulations for your work. I made a spotify playlist with many of the songs you put in your blog and others that I've found in other places, I hope you like it:
    Thanks for everything!

  2. Jaume, I think I ain't allowed to access this Spotify. But I thank you for the compliments.