Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lazy Sunday; The Small Faces

The Small Faces were an English rock and roll band formed in the 60’s which was born and influenced by the mod subculture, as well as The Who and The Yardbirds. The classic lineup of The Small Faces was the following: Steve Marriott (vocals, guitar), Ronnie Lane (bass), Kenney Jones (drums) and Ian "Mac" McLagan (keyboards). The band was very successful during the 60s and ended in 69 when Marriott decided to leave it.

One year before their break, The Small Faces released the album “Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake”, which reached # 1 in the UK Album Charts and held that position for six weeks. “Ogdens’...” is also listed in the book “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die", but that I didn’t know even read its Wikipedia article... in this album is our today song, “Lazy Sunday”, which was recorded by Olympic Studios against the wishes of the band.

“Lazy Sunday” was written by Marriott and Lane and released as a single in 1968, making a huge success as to reach the #2 on the UK Singles Chart. The song was “inspired by Marriott’s feuds with his neighbors”.

The whistling is very very tiny… two seconds and it’s gone. But it’s there, right on the 1:25-1:27 in the song. :)

I wonder why they called the band “Small Faces”...
Wouldn't it be nice to get on wiv me neighbours
But they make it very clear they've got no room for ravers

They stop me from groovin', they bang on me wall
They're doin me crust in it's no good at all,

Lazy sunday afternoon,

I've got no mind to worry,
close my eyes and drift away.

Here we all are sittin in a rainbow
Cor blimey hallo missus Jones hows your Berts lumbago?
I'll sing you a song with no words and no tune
I'll sing at your party while you suss out the moon, oh yeah

Lazy sunday afternoon,

I got no mind to worry,
Close my eyes and drift away.

Aroo de de de do
Aroo de de de dido

Theres no one to see me theres nothin to say,
And no one can stop me from feelin this way

Lazy sunday afternoon

I've got no mind to worry
Close my eyes and drift away
Close my eyes and drit away
close my eyes and drift away...


  1. What a fantastic song! I love it. Thanks for posting the background and a link to the track. When I went through my 'mod stage' in the early 80's I used to love the Small Faces! I recently rediscovered this song when I watched the movie 'The boat that rocked'.


    Dion from Cape Town