Friday, December 25, 2009

Rémy Drives a Linguini; Michael Giacchino

Yesterday I had the honor to prepare the Christmas dinner for some friends in my house. Everybody helped, in fact, cutting vegetables, shred the chicken for the salpicão salad, making sauce for the penne and drinking my cocktails. It was a delicious evening, as it should be a Christmas night. The food was also great, if I may be proud.

But not as good as the dishes prepared by the "best chef in France", I presume. If my meal was good, it doesn't hold a candle to the specialty of rat Rémy, the Ratatouille. In the Pixar film of 2007 (it was on HBO today, btw) there's a song, all instrumental, created by Michael Giacchino, that was nominated by the 80th Academy Award for the soundtrack to Ratatouille.

“Rémy Drives a Linguini” is a delightful cut that features whistling and harmonica, sports an inventive arrangement that includes sliding guitar tones and nice horn charts.
Have a happy Christmas!

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